My Clinical Facilitator And Unit Manager

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Introduction Implementation of my project began quickly without a hitch and flowed very smoothly thanks to the great insight provided to me by my clinical facilitator and unit manager. My research started after obtaining information from my unit manager when inquiring about any quality measures that she felt needed improvement on the labor delivery unit. The occurrence of early inductions of labor without a medical necessity was found to be a problem and concern for this unit. That being known, my project quickly started to take form. I brainstormed on what I could find that would be an easy and efficient way for the staff to view and verify prenatal records of expectant mother as a resource to confirm they meet all medical criteria…show more content…
Synopsis of Project A power point presentation was first provided to the medical staff that takes care of the labor and delivery department’s induction scheduling. After that, they were given a handout and educated on how to log-in and access prenatal records from the Greenway Intergy EHR program. After they were educated on the material they were then each asked to give a demonstration on logging in and accessing a test patient’s prenatal record. I then asked them to provide me with any information that they may find helpful pertaining to this project. The staff expressed enthusiasm toward this project and how the Greenway program was easily accessed and navigated. The staff voiced how they found this program to be beneficial and didn’t see any changes that needed to take place. It was then up to the manager of the unit to ensure that each staff member’s computer was provided with the EHR program. As I visited with and observed the involved staff throughout the week, I observed them first hand utilizing what had been taught to them during my proposal. I checked with the staff on the unit making sure that all the computers had all been provided access to this program and if not I would follow up on it for them. As the new inductions of labor have been scheduled, it was clear that the education provided had already started being implemented reflecting the induction scheduling procedure. Since the proposal, each time that an induction has been scheduled on
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