My College Admissions Essay: My Experience At The University

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From one of the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, to one of the greatest pop stars to ever take the stage, to one of the greatest actors to ever grace the screen, to the most decorated Olympian ever the University of Michigan has not only a long history but a pedigree of producing men and women that are nothing short of excellent. My personal goal is to be nothing short of excellent. I believe that UM is the best university at taking raw talent and transforming it into pure greatness. The writing department of UM is no exception. When searching for potential universities, UM stuck out due to its impeccable track record of rigor and professor availability. I am not simply looking for just any old college but rather one where I am stretched…show more content…
I have a firm belief that if you want to be great you have to put in the work. Now I may not have had the best grades in all my classes but I was pushing myself and I learned more than I ever would’ve if I took it easy on myself. The writing department I believe embodies that same philosophy, push yourself harder than you ever imagined possible. I dream that one day my writing will win Academy Awards, Emmy’s, and even Tony’s. I dream that one day my writing will change how people think. I dream that one day my writing would save someone’s life. I know that UM’s creative writing department can take these dreams and make them a reality. My desire to be a writer is to write so I can share the joy I receive from life with others. I want someone who is upset to be able to pick something I wrote and read it or turn on the tv and watch something I wrote and get sheer joy out of it and have the realization that despite their current disposition that there is still good and joy in the world. I believe that The university of Michigan has a phenomenal creative writing program with hands on professors who will show genuine interest in me, push me harder than I can push myself and allow me to hone my talents so that I can accomplish my goal of sharing the wonder of life with the world through the medium that is
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