My College Admissions Essay: Who I Am

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Journaling is 78% of who I am.

I began the habit when I was 15 years old. It was a result of moving into a new environment and shedding an old life. I craved a friend to share hopes and fears with, so I created one. With a notebook and pen, I created a space where a hidden me could reveal herself. My journals aren't anything extravagant. They are decorated minimalistically but are well loved. My favorites are covered with nail polish and have titles reading, ¨ I Am Being¨ and ¨Feel deeply without remorse.¨

They are filled with philosophical quotes I´ve collected from Tumblr and novels. I fill the pages with as much positivity and loved inspired notations as I can- a way to remind myself of the person I want to be and how to treat others. In an effort to preserve time, I embed souvenirs from trips and experiences in the pages. Some memories are bittersweet, like birthday cards from my estranged mother. Others are pure ecstasy like a broadway ticket from a college trip to New York City.
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My favorites are Charles Bukowski or the Persian poet Rumi because they write beautifully and share a wisdom I would like to emulate. Journalling has allowed me to hold firm to my beliefs through the chaos of high school and peer pressure. Everything written on the pages from poems to Hemingway quotes, to Coldplay lyrics, are the very extensions of who I am. They reflect someone I´m proud of and want to share with others.

Maybe most importantly, journaling has helped me become a kinder and more patient person. When I was younger, I was often angry and frustrated because I felt as if I couldn't express my feelings with the people around me. However, I began writing and received an outlet and a healing balm. Now I can understand burst of emotions and handle them with maturity and insight. Tending a journal is my method of self-expression. It´s a release of creativity that has helped mold my
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