My College Career Changed My Life

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My college career has been a long process. I started attending college right out of high school and during the duration of my course work, I experienced numerous personal challenges. My first challenge was that my parents were unable to help me pay for college. Therefore I had the responsibility to pay for it myself and in order to do that, I needed to work full-time. Being a full-time employee only allowed me to take classes part-time and as a result, my educational career started off slowly. I attended regularly for a few years, but then there was a bump in the road...marriage and two children. I delayed my college education for a period of time as a result of my obligations to my family and my full-time employment. I was able to continue with my education for several more years, and then another bump in the road…divorce. I was now faced with being a single mom having the total responsibility of supporting my children and giving them a good life. I knew I would be unable to do that successfully without a degree, so I decided I needed to get myself back to school. I still had to attend part-time, but I was moving forward. After several years went by, along with another few years of off and on attendance, I was again faced with another challenge. I was downsized by my long-time employer during the last recession and was faced with the daunting task of job hunting. This experience caused me to finally make the commitment to complete my bachelor’s degree. I

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