My College Choices Are Still Open

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I am Bhagee Ganesan, a rising junior in New Albany High School’s Class of 2017. I am an innately curious person and intend to pursue a degree in biology, especially in molecular genetics or neuroscience. My college choices are still open, but I am considering Johns Hopkins, Harvard University, Duke University, OSU, Case Western, and NEOMED at Kent State. I hope to major in molecular genetics or neuroscience and be a part of the research to discover and refine the molecular basis of inherited diseases at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard or at Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s satellite lab, Janelia, in Virginia. I would also like to take personalized medical treatment development in the field of genomic medicine to the next level. I…show more content…
CF causes these cells to make thick mucus that damages body organs (Livingston Jr.). Over time, CF damages the lungs and pancreas to a point where they no longer work (Livingston Jr.). In a person without CF, the cells lining open body cavities like the airways in the lungs produce thin, clear mucus to keep foreign substances out, protect the body’s tissues, and lubricate the open cavities (Livingston Jr.). In a person with CF, these cells have a defect in one of their component parts. As a result, they make thick mucus that is less fluid and does not move as easily (Livingston Jr.). The slow-moving mucus forms a perfect site for bacteria to grow, often causing bacterial infections which make breathing even harder (Livingston Jr.). The thick mucus also clogs all body systems that have ducts, so patients’ pancreas, which make digestive juices, do not send enough of these juices to the intestines, causing constant digestive problems and blocking them from absorbing nutrients from what they eat (Livingston Jr.). CF can also impact the liver, sweat glands, and reproductive organs (Livingston Jr.). CF is an inherited disease caused by a gene that is passed down in families; it is not contagious. CF has no cure, but is treated in many ways. Often, drugs are used to cure associated bacterial infections, make the mucus thin, and relax the airways. These

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