My College Education At The University Of Pittsburgh

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When I started my college education at the University of Pittsburgh, like many freshman, I was uncertain about which career direction I wanted to pursue. However, I did know one thing for certain, that I had a passion for math and desired to study it at a higher level. I chose the major of Actuarial Mathematics. Looking back at that decision I am happy that I spent my undergraduate years taking difficult math classes, various economic and statistic classes, and computer programming classes. This enabled me to see a different side of the applications of mathematics. While this major was challenging, interesting, and enjoyable, I would like to use this knowledge to become a leader in mathematics education focusing on the desire to witness student success in math. Since the best part of math for me is that I understand it, I am excited about having more knowledge so that I can help others understand it as well. I believe that I possess both the academic and behavioral skills necessary in order to become a math teacher, and would like the opportunity to gain the professional knowledge that is needed for me to be able to enhance student success in the classroom. One of the most important questions that needs to be addressed when choosing a career is why. So, why do I want to become a math teacher? First of all, I love learning and the academic environment. I owe so much of my academic success in both high school and college to teachers and professors. I have had
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