My College Life at Princeton

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Freshman Year: Just arriving, visualizing the environment of Princeton. The feeling of having the opportunity to be at Princeton excites me. I walk towards the freshman orientation, I feel nervous. It is my first day at Princeton University and I just received my schedule! I am amazed at the courses Princeton offers and while choosing my courses, I meet my first friend name Johanna. She was a skinny, blond girl from the south with a lot of books in her hand and wore glasses.” She has an amazing personality” I thought to myself while speaking to her. After talking for a while, I suggest we go to a diner called Princetonian Diner. After eating, I waved goodbye to her and went off to find my dorm room. I see I have dorm 101, I feel excited knowing I found my first friend Johanna and hope to continue my day with more great news. While inside my dorm room, unpacking and getting settled, I hear the door open. I turn around and see a guy with glasses, a red shirt, black hair, blue jeans, and a pair of van shoes. We both introduced ourselves. I asked what his name was. He responded,“My name is Hiro Princeton, but usually everyone calls me Kabuki.” We both laugh hysterically. He says,“I know, my last name gets a lot of recognition.” I responded in a generous laugh and helped him unpacked. We talked for 5-10 minutes to get to know each other. I found out he is an international student from Japan. I asked him on the meaning of his nickname “Kabuki”. He told me when he was a child, he
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