My College Roommates

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College is a period of adapting from regular, socially centered life to a life more focused on studying and school work. This period of change is difficult as a balance is made between spending time with friends and making time for writing papers, deciphering mathematical equations, and fulfilling the requirements for any number of other course studies is made. Only college student’s can understand the difficulty in this. As with many college students, I live off campus in my own apartment. With this comes the need to incorporate my schedule with that of a roommate in order to afford the expenses of rent and utilities. One of the problems with this is that my roommate is not a college student. This often is a problem as our priorities and personal lives are much different. It would be much easier to live with a roommate that is also a college student. Often college students work similar work schedules as they are in classes full time during the day. Since most classes are during the day, the time available to a student’s work schedule is limited primarily to evenings and weekends. Many times, when working these hours, a conflict arises with a roommate that works standard hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00am until 5:00pm. Coming in late at night it is a general consideration for a roommate to respect a house “quiet time.” While this is nothing but common courtesy for one another, the ability to have friends visit after work, or to watch a movie in the common living
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