My College Success Course Has Changed Me With New Perspectives And Valuable Skills

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Several of the readings, activities, and class discussions assigned in my College Success course have impacted me in a way that has provided me with new perspectives and valuable skills. This course has, so far, granted me with a new attitude towards my overall success. The activities challenge us students, by requiring us to engage and actively research topics that we can incorporate into our everyday lives. From the textbook, I have been able to apply a large portion of the material to my everyday life, those of which include learning how to use Polk State’s resources to my advantage, finding my motivation, and learning adequate problem solving skills. Not only have I been able to apply these newfound life lessons to the academic portion…show more content…
Chapter 2 of our textbook focuses on the development of one’s personal and academic motivation. The activities provided within this section allowed me to gain a better understanding of myself, thus permitting me with the opportunity to establish a stronger vision of my true potential. Before reading this section, I had a tendency to ‘settle,’ not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of my life. I settled for less than what I was capable of achieving. I learned that no one could change this attitude of mine, but me. After following the steps in the textbook, those of which included, developing a new attitude, making excellence a habit, identifying my values, and taking pride in my personal character I came to see that I was able to achieve far more than what I had been settling for. This realization opened doors not only in the academic sector of my life, but in all aspects. Physically, I have been struggling to recover from a knee surgery. Finally overcoming my doubt, I found motivation to put in more effort into my rehabilitation. After a visit with the doctor a couple days ago, it was reported that my recovery was starting to be ahead of schedule. Academically, I have found motivation to work for higher grades. The Goals Sheet that we had created a while ago provided me with an opportunity to map out a plan to do so. By abiding by that plan, I am happy to say that I am currently earning all A’s in my summer

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