My Color Research Paper

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I tend to overlook the colors in my surroundings because it is instinctual for me to live inside my head. However, there is one specific memory that I can recall in which color made a significant impact on me. My family and I were at Custer State Park on a vacation in South Dakota in my Freshmen year of high school. I remember pulling into the parking lot and feeling completely indifferent to the fact that we were going to a lake. As I rolled out of the car, it took me a second to fully register what I was seeing. The bright blue of the sky stole my attention instantly, but this was contrasted with the bright greens of the trees and the grass. I constantly live in my head, but at this moment in time, the vividness of the colors drew me in and refused to let me go. There was a gorgeous, sepia colored rock formation surrounding the back side of the lake that created an unforgettable skyline. These rocks were positioned in a way that captured the sunlight and allowed it to envelop…show more content…
Once I was on the lake, I drifted slowly, watching my paddle ripple through the water. I penetrated the blues and the greens that were reflected in the lake. Despite the fact that it was my first time kayaking, I felt in control and strangely at peace with myself. I floated to a rock that jutted out into the middle of the lake and climbed onto it. I looked around and the vivid blue sky went on for miles, I saw the tops of bright green trees, and felt an indescribable sense of peace. Then, ever so slightly, the sun began to set. As a result of this, the rocks began to reflect the colors of the sunset: the yellows, the oranges, and the reds. The shadows began creeping up the bottom of the rocks as they continued to set. And with that, I knew it was time for me to leave this place of awe and wonder. Nevertheless, I can never stop myself from longing for that same sense of peace that those colors
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