My Commitment To Conserving The Environment, Setting Goals,

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My commitment to conserving the environment, setting goals, running cross country and track, starting a ping pong club, and volunteering in my local community demonstrates the qualities the LSU College of Engineering strives to prepare in its students. I look forward to further developing those characteristics during my time there.

Hands-on problem solving is a routine part of my life because I conserve natural resources, landfill space, and energy by reducing, reusing, and recycling. My family grows fruits and vegetables in our garden, and I supplement the soil by composting plant materials, thereby reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill. I drink from a reusable stainless steel bottle instead of plastic bottles. I try to
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At first, I did not even know how to count the rhythm, which switched time signatures every few measures. After spending hours counting it and practicing it slowly, I began to get a feel for the music. Within a few weeks, I was playing it up to speed. It became and still is my favorite piece of music, but only because I put in the effort to figure it out.

With a common goal, my teammates and I thrive in cross country and track. Since the team score is based on individual performances, I push my teammates to maximize their potential and vice versa. One time when I was running with a teammate, I started to slow down because I was exhausted. “No, Shanika,” she said firmly, “stay with me.” I sped back up and stayed with her. After a while, I started to fall back again. “Stay with me, Shanika!” she insisted. She knew how to motivate me, and I pushed through to the end. Because of her, that was one of my fastest runs yet. Similarly, I encourage the slower girls to keep up with me. My sister is usually right behind me, and, although I try not to let her pass me, I want her to run as fast if she can. I look forward to joining a similarly supportive engineering team at Louisiana State University that has the common goal of improving people’s lives.

My involvement with the ping pong club is one way I display an entrepreneurial spirit. It began one day when my friend mentioned that he wanted to start a ping pong club his freshman year but never followed through
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