My Community Outreach Program For The Northeast Texas Public Health District

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A. Introduction: My intention with this narrative is to show that with my extensive experiences in both personal and professional situations it show its equivalency for to the credits applied. This will be demonstrated by extensive background in fulltime ministry, right up to my present job with the Northeast Texas public Health District. Everything I have done right up until this time in my life has been involved with community outreach programs. I have multiple certificates and artifacts that will verify the programs that I have personally designed that demonstrate my ability to build and execute outreach programs. Most of my community outreach experience began when I worked for the local church in Tyler, Texas. Assisting the Senior…show more content…
B. Course: Community Health Field Methods Course Objectives: • Implement neighborhood/rural outreach campaigns. • Conduct informal counseling and educational sessions with individuals, families, and community groups. • Organize community events for purposes of developing community capacity for change. • Describe the elements of community development. • Participate in community based outreach activities to gain a better understanding of organizing community events. • Understand what steps can assist in building commitment in participating individuals. • Describe privacy rights and your responsibility for safeguarding sensitive information. • Recognize and implement techniques to improve organizational skills and time management. C. 1 Statement of Purpose and Format: I will present this presentation in narrative form in the chronological order in which my experience has been obtained. I will begin with my experience working in full-time ministry that allowed me to learn and grow on community outreach. I will start with talking about the “The Gathering Event” (Document 2 Poster). The next event will be the New Orleans outreach followed by the mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico. The last event will involve my work with the Health Department. C.2 Brief Overview: I am confident that these experience will more than satisfy the requirements for the three credit
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