My Community Service Hours, By Paul Magedson

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For my community service hours, I went to the Good Earth Organic Farm in Celeste, TX owned by Paul Magedson. It is a certified organic farm that prides itself on not using “extensive herbicide and pesticide use[d] by intensive conventional agriculture” (Andreatta 2000 p.40). Paul’s farm grows and sells organic produce such as cucumbers, strawberries, okra, kale, and tomatoes. He also sells grass-fed lamb from his sheep and has chickens. To complete my hours, I went on two trips to the farm with two of my classmates. Our first task was to pick okra and I instantly realized why farmers are known to have tough hands as I quickly developed two large blisters. After picking the okra we weeded the tomato garden. Once we were done weeding, Paul served us lunch of a fruit smoothie and kale salad. During lunch, we all sat on his porch and discussed how Paul started farming and his views on industrialized food. Paul began farming because of his ex-wife. However, because of his divorce he lost half his land and I think this makes him regret starting farming since it requires a lot of work. Even though he may regret farming now it was evident that he does have a passion for growing organic food since he believes that eating highly chemical foods is what is causing cancer. On the second trip, we began our day picking weeds in his strawberry garden. After this we began unraveling rope to secure the stakes in the tomato garden. This was a difficult task as a lot of the rope kept

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