My Companion Five Years

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I met him for the first time when I was 13. I met him through a guy. He seemed so mysterious, so dark and it was something new to me. I was young and I didn’t know how to think. I spent nights with him and it was all fun. But then things started to get serious. I started to get hurt every night, be it physically or emotionally. But I can’t stop because he was so addictive. I never expected myself to be caught in this kind of mess. But it didn’t seem that big back then. It was all fun and games. A year has passed and I’m 14. I met another guy and we both got together. ‘He’ stayed away at first but as the relationship started rocking. He came back into my life again. I would spend nights talking to him. But I’m not as stupid as last time.…show more content…
I had a (kind of) major exam that year. I got 6 A’s and 1 B. It was awesome. But as the holidays started, he came back again You can almost say that he is a seasonal friend. He never liked bright places and upbeat music. He started to turn me into someone like him. The holidays ended and he is still visiting me regularly. In fact 2012 has been filled with his visits. He was there when I break up with someone (and vice versa). He was there when I was feeling frustrated because of my exams. 2012 was a hard year for me. I had to adapt to new subjects and new ways. It was completely different from what I’ve experienced when I was 15. I wanted help and he was there for me. 2012 passed and it was near the end of the year. My mother had to go to India for a month. I was lonely but I had him. He kept me up at night but I somewhat felt safe in his embrace. Like nothing really matters in this world anymore. After one month of this, I have finally realized that he had a somewhat permanent place in my heart, mind and soul. And he had gotten less mysterious as well. I knew ways to handle him without hurting myself any longer. But what bothers me is that I still don’t know his true identity. It bothers me a lot but I had better things to worry about. I just let everything slide. 2013 came and it went smoothly. I had lots of fun with my friends and the discovery of the group BigBang but I had my moments too. He visited me a lot sometimes but other times,
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