My Comprehensive Collaboration Project Involved A School Community Meeting

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My comprehensive collaboration project involved a school community meeting, involving people with various association to education. The meeting originated because of the first workshop poor parental involvement and lack of community communication, concerning date, time, topic, and activities. After this disappointing blow and only two district teachers spearheading the event and activities, a decision evolved, making team membership accessible to all affiliates of education. Meeting members were paraprofessionals, a master teacher, retired teacher who is now a community volunteer and a guardian of a grandchild attending school in the district. Within the room, including myself was a total of ninety-five years of education related experiences. It was important to promote shared decision-making by including people with different views and implementation styles. When planning the organization of group members, I kept in mind the ultimate goal of building trust, through professional participation in community events, thus embracing opportunities of personal interactions outside school community. Members were willing participants, who close ties, through daily interaction in neighboring community after school hours, therefore made their involvement planning parent events crucial for community team success.
Our school community team was in the “functioning” developmental stage of collaborative teaming. Through census, norms were set, which we all agreed to follow and later, if
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