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Final Paper Sheena Stackhouse BUS 311 Professor David MacKusick July 13, 2015 Introduction Hello, I’m the owner of Acme Fireworks. I will graciously give my thoughts and explain my concept on the business. I’m sure that after completing reading my ideas will be vivid and clear to you. I will address the potential of personal liability for injuries to your customers and what must be on our products to further prevent safety hazards. After carefully analyzing the new contracts with our retailers and the employment and creating greater opportunities to expand and grow the business more. The changes will cater to the new contractual obligations, and end with the change of business entity. The deeper we go with growing our business, we…show more content…
For instance how will you make, market, and distribute your product. Are you willing to take full liability for your product and the logistics involved in creating a sound product that is defective free; the first order of business is making sure your business has a sense of order. Strength of obtaining a contract and utilizing the benefits listed within the contract. Keep in mind that a contract is very useful especially when unfortunate things happen. You have to decide which type of business entity will be the best to serve your needs and growth of the company. Acme Firework, is expecting a great arena of success. To make sure that we are successful we need to expand our business. With it the company needs more laborers to fill all of the firework orders. The owner is mostly concerned about the future, while focusing on the success of the company is a daily plan we need to optimize our efforts by putting our care back into our employees. Making sure their needs are being covered, even when the work may slack. He could hire temporary employees, full time employees and independent contractors. The danger involved in this profession would make it seem more beneficial to hire full time employees. The job requires employees with loyalty, people that are reliable, are committed to growing our business and will seek to perform the duties of the job with professionalism. The degree of danger that this job entails requires employees that understand the
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