My Conformed Profile : Personal Experiences In Social Life

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My conformed profile is INTJ; this means that in business and school I am a business builder and striving for new information. As I learned from my experiences whether in the business field or in college, INTJ mostly effective in difficult subjects or the subjects that need to a lot of researchers and theoretical reasoning to come up with new ideas, solutions, and results. INTJ type of workers who are passionate to develop their abilities and aptness on anything that takes their interests. INTJ at school, they think out of the box in terms of looking for related answers even if they never been asked for it. Their brains tackle trying to find answers to questions. In social life, they prefer to be isolated even though they interact…show more content…
There are so many jobs that ESFP could be successful at in addition to marketing, Acting or performing on stage, and advertising is a good call for them. I get to know Emily from work, she was doing some marketing to Candies manufacture.
One day one Emily came to my store she wants to do some marketing for her products. The moment she entered my office even though I've never met her before she snitched out of her burse a piece of candy and handed over to me, then she said; "I drove 350KM to give you this candy." At first, I was surprised, I thought that she was joking or just starting a conversation about her business. Emily was coming to my store to give me a hospitalities' ideas, she said this candy is the first thing the customers will remember whenever they want to buy something related to your work. She offered me this candy, so I give it to the customers who came to my hardware store as a way to show the hospitality in my store. I loved the idea so much, and at the end, I made a purchasing deal from her. Before I made that decision to adopt the candies' ideas, I chatted with Emily about her interesting behavior, because I don't usually see marketer smiling and have this sense of humor. she explained that she recently took a MBTI course to increase her productivity at work and to understand her tempers. Emily said, "I'm ESFP that’s why I make jokes unintentionally." Now I see why we are so different I told her. After that,
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