My Contact Experience With The Resident And Visiting Population

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Executive Summary The organization is designed to provide a broad array of professional and journeyman services to the municipal population and its visitors. Our purpose is to provide services at-value to the resident and visiting population every day as necessary. The strategic focus in the provision of services is to align the purpose of the organization to its services. In response, our strategic focus has developed into a strategic vision as an adopted via budget each year and coordinated to the underlying strategic or community plan. The directive of the organization is representative of the level of services provided relative to the development of the organizational chart. My contact experience with the organization is as a…show more content…
The role the job occupies within the organization is reflective of the integration of the position in the organizational chart. The organizational chart will establish the integration of workforce management across business departments within the organization. Therefore, this role of management analyst identifies itself as having a level of breadth and depth that spans across organizational departments and a depth of information review and analysis. This explanation was to establish the interlink this particular job function has within the organization. My choice of including this job role for analysis was to identify a role that was complex yet not contained within one functional unit or requiring one skill set in particular. Job Analysis Procedures The details for the procedures of the job analysis identify the strategic importance the management analyst has within the functionality of the organization. There are times specific job functions become overburden with seasonal work and require assistance from a specialist. The management analyst provides specialist skills across a number of functional departments. The justification is that such breadth of scope in job responsibility is important to the success of organizational operations. The method of collecting data was to establish interviews with department managers to identify the role a management analyst would have within their department. The role is based on the underlying

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