My Core Practicum Area Of Interest

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Public health informatics helps in providing valuable medical and public health information to lay people and health professionals on subjects such as prevention and health promotion (Stamler & Yiu, 2012, p. 175). Community Health Nurses (CHNs) are uniquely positioned to assist clients who have searched online while trying to make sense of their health concerns. In order to do so, CHNs must adhere to certain Standards of Practice. According to the Canadian Community Health Nursing Standards of Practice (CHNAC 2008), the use of “nursing informatics (information and communication technology) to generate, manage and process relevant data to support nursing practice” is a necessary component for CHNs to provide their clients with accurate and relevant health related information (Stamler & Yiu, 2012, p. 172).
During the course of this semester, I had chosen to discuss a subject related to my core practicum area of interest – the long-term side effects and morbidity of adult survivors of childhood cancer treatment. While doing research for this subject, I consulted a number of web sites, in order to ascertain what information was available for individuals, families, and health care providers on this very specialized field. A resource I found particularly interesting was, which had a section devoted to the late effects of pediatric cancers. See this link:
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