My Core Understanding And Knowledge Of The Curriculum Innovation Planning Essay

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This reflection paper presents an overview of my core understanding and knowledge of the curriculum innovation planning as well as my overall learning from this course. As a group, we decided to explore Christine Sleeter as our critical theorist and we started developing a deep passion for her work in multiculturalism. Since, we all come from a higher education background and we understand the ongoing issues in our institutions related to multiculturalism, we decided to use multicultural curriculum based on Sleeter’s theory and design our curriculum innovation project. We used a fictional scenario to develop our story and create an online problem based learning multicultural curriculum that was mandatory for all college students entering in their mainstream education. My reflection paper focuses mainly on the following areas: a) curriculum innovation planning and implementation; b) why multicultural curriculum; c) feedback from our peer-review; d) and the overall learning gained from this course.
Curriculum Innovation Planning and Implementation
The center hub of any learning institution is its curriculum and without one the educational institutions would not exist. While, curriculum innovation is a way of adapting new educational methods in order to improve the overall goal of student learning. It also encompasses the product and the process of learning outcomes and objectives. For the purpose of our final assignment, we decided to create an innovative

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