My Country Assessment Of Syria

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My country assessment of Syria contains much of the recent history, but I believe to truly understand what is happening today, we must understand how historically Syrian politics, geopolitical regional experiences and culture has come into play in the world understanding of a proud, but fractured Country. In this assessment I will tackle modern history, political and insurgent threats to the region and to the United States foreign missions as well as short and long term analysis on the direction of the country and U.S. policies going forward. Syria is one of the oldest civilizations in history, with art, written language, and religious activities dating back to the time of Mesopotamia. It has been the dagger’s edge in the Levant, splitting between western culture, and eastern religious ideology for the last two millennia. Significant religious acts in religious lore such as Paul the apostle converting to Christianity on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1–43) also transpired in Syria. The country has been conquered numerous times; the mix of art, religions, governments and culture have changed and left scars on the country. In this manner Syria is as diverse of a place as many European cities at their’ cultural height. Modern Syria presents many challenges. President Basher Al Assad has ruled since 2000, and ruled with an iron fist. He has consistently put down uprisings along the northern border with Turkey and western border with Lebanon. Separatist movements
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