My Country, Saudi Arabia, is Face Many Problems

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Solving these problems helps to push vehicle of progress and civilization forward , so I will talk about three problems face my country .

The first problem environmentally is dust storms. In the last ten years, a rate of dust storms in Saudi Arabia has been increased. For example, Statistics indicate that it has compiled by Salih Rubaiaan, who is a historian , that proportion of dust increased from eight days in 1983 to 82 days in 2007, meaning that sandstorms increased by eight times what it was in 1983. Reasons for the increasing due to a lack of rainfall as the main reason, but there are others, such as: overgrazing, receding green space; loss of a large number of trees that is buffer dust, and wars in neighboring region. The military mechanisms led to crack solid layers that formed over time, so environmental damages are health and economic problems. The health problem is increasing incidence of allergic diseases, asthma and eye diseases. In a report to Ministry of Health says that number of patients and visitors to hospital emergency departments in Riyadh region are more than 700 cases daily due to dust storms. The economic problem is business…
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