My Country, The Uk Is Still Part Of The European Union

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My country, the UK is still part of the European Union where we have been a member for many decades until most recent we voted to leave the European Union. As a member of the EU, we are governed by its rule and its rule of law. This means we cannot write our own laws, we cannot make or change anything without first getting approval from the European Union as they are our heads of state in this regard. They offer benefits based on their terms, which we are forced to accept because they make the rules and we have to follow them. We have what’s called the European Supreme Court, where the most complexed cases go to if it cannot be down in the UK. In broader details, the European Union ascended out of the 1957 treaty of Rome. It was set up by…show more content…
We have one of the most complex/complicated tax system in the world and the government are very serious and hard on businesses paying their right level of Tax. We were at one point at a very low Tax code which a lot of businesses took advantage off. This wasn’t a bad thing at all but now large business and small ones are all complaining about the rise in corporation Tax. I hope one day we will revert back to a low tax code that will encourage more and more entrepreneurs and overseas companies to start their own business and invest in our economy. Tax has always been a big issue for businesses on a wide scale and talks with MP’s and the Government is constantly ongoing on the subject. In recent years we have seen like of Google, Yahoo, HP, Gumtree and many other large multinational company’s move the base of operation overseas, away from the UK as a result of the amount of Tax they were paying. If I had a business such as they do, I would do the exact same thing and move my headquarters away from the UK to pay less tax as the government is not willing to do anything about reducing corporation tax for businesses in the UK. Another factor I must touch on which is similar to my above point on corporation tax is based on the economy. A key area of government economic policy is the role that the government gives to the state in the economy in the UK. That’s why between 1945 and 1979 the government
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