My Court Observation Assignment : Isidro Garcia

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For my court observation assignment I chose to see a highly fascinating case that had been frequenting the newspapers. Isidro Garcia is a man facing kidnapping and rape charges after he has been accused of abducting his girlfriend’s fifteen-year old daughter and rapping her on countless occasions for a period of ten years. Isidro has allegedly forced this woman to live with him for ten years, holding her captive, forcing her to marry him, and act like his wife. Not only was this woman forced to live with Isidro as his wife, but she also later had his child, Lupita. Isidro Garcia reportedly beat the woman into compliance and threatened her in order to get her to cooperate with his demands. According to the victim, Myra, was also told by Garcia that if she tried to leave she would be caught by the police and then deported, due to the fact that she was in the country illegally. Garcia moved Myra to various different locations during her time under his control and had given Myra several different identities in order to assure that she could remain in the country undetected, not attracting any unwanted attention. The victim reportedly went along with Garcia’s demands out of fear and uncertainty. She claims that she did not know how to seek help due to being moved around without being told where she was. Additionally, Myra remained in captivity due to fear, fear of getting beaten if caught, fear of getting deported if she went to the police, and fear that no one would believe her.

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