My Cousin Is My Father

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It’s the beginning of March and my cousin is visiting my family and I. I was starting to think it wasn 't such a good idea because she might embarrass me in front of Fretty. Fretty is the cutest and most handsome guy in school. He had perfect hair and a gorgeous smile. “ Come down, your cousin’s here!”shouted Mom. “ Coming mom”, said Annie. As I went downstairs, I saw Shay. I was thinking to myself “well, you change so much”. She use to have black thin hair, braces, messy hair, and she wasn 't as pretty as now. Matter of fact, she’s gorgeous now. Now she has beautiful thick brown hair and her hair was so straight. She also has such straight teeth. Now I wasn 't so worried about her embarrassing me. I 'm actually glad she came. A week has past and it seems like it has been only three days. Many things have happened and it felt great. Yesterday Fretty asked me on a date and the best part of all Shay told me, that Fretty told her, that he liked me. “ Hey, it’s really hot out”, “Do you wanna go swimming in the lake?” asked Shay “Yes”, “ let 's go swimming in that lake that nobody goes to,” said Annie. While Shay and Annie went to the lake. They were swimming. Shay doesn’t know how to swim, but Annie does. “Go to the deepest part or else you’re a chicken,” said Annie. “I don 't know how to swim,” said Shay. “ Just do it”! “no one 's gonna see us anyway, no one even comes by here!” yelled Annie. As Shay went into the deepest part she lost balance and drown. Annie thought

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