My Cousin Vinny Analysis

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The movie My Cousin Vinny is about a New York lawyer Vinny who never won a case.
One day his teenage cousin Bill and his friend Stan were accused of murder in an Alabama town. Vinny makes it his duty to save his cousin from prison even though he has only ever worked on personal injury cases before, which never turned out successful. This movie outs into effect many different topics we have learned this semester: like, the role of a judge in trial, cross-examination, expert witnesses and criminal procedure. We learned in class that different people handle many legal procedures during a trial. Even though he is certainly no role model when it comes to his expertise of the law, legal knowledge and ethical behavior, we law students could learn from him. We can use legal thinking in the complex view of the actual law practice. He needed to learn legal analysis, that law schools are best mandated to teach, while many students today need Vinny’s ability to interview clients, to prepare theories of the case, to gather facts, to negotiate with clients, to know when a question needs to be asked when they need to remain quiet, to cross examine a witness respectfully but thoroughly in order to expose the weaknesses in their testimony and other information given. Vinny showed many tactical practice skills throughout the movie. Which helped him in his case when he was doubted. Something we learned in class that was also show in the movie was expert witness testimony. One part

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