My Cousin Vinny By Vincent Gambino

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Movies have the ability to transport people to different times and places and distract them from ordinary everyday reality. They allow for a range of emotions to be experienced. At their core, movies examine the human condition. There are plenty of deeper truths woven into screenplays and plenty of lessons to be learned, even when an individual is solely seeking entertainment. In the 1992 comedic film, My Cousin Vinny, the story of a murder trial of two Brooklyn college kids finding themselves subject to southern justice, is depicted. Their only hope, is Vincent Gambino, one of the defendant‘s cousins. Joe Pesci plays Vincent Gambino, a personal injury lawyer barely able to pass the bar after multiple attempts. Vinny agrees to defend them, even though he has never tried a case in Brooklyn, much less a capital murder case in Georgia. He faces not only a seasoned prosecutor, but a Yale educated judge. Evidentiary foundations, discovery and disclosures, and cross examination technique may all be beyond Vinny’s experience, but over the course of the film, he is able to enhance his talents. He begins to understand and apply the procedures and customs of the court. Despite it’s comedic nature, My Cousin Vinny is known for its surprising legal accuracy. It has even made its way into oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court. In United States v. Gonzalez-Lopez, Justice Scalia referenced the film asking the arguing lawyer, “What about the real case of My Cousin

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