My Creation Of A Soundtrack For Octavia E. Butler 's Parable Of The Sower

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Soundtracks to films often strive to represent the themes and feeling of the film, and direct the audience towards particular emotions. A good soundtrack not only allows for the listener to understand the film better, but it should also bring to mind particular scenes, images, or characters. Soundtracks for books can do the same. In my creation of a soundtrack for Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower, I strove to encompass Lauren’s journey throughout the novel and the various emotions that she experiences. Lauren writes about her experiences, and therefore, her reactions become central to the audiences’ feeling and. The songs follow along with Lauren, with her despair, death, and the need for survival. As I scoured through song after…show more content…
She and her friends lost their families, homes, and everything they own. The lyrics in the song say: “We sat and made a list / Of all the things that we have,” which Lauren does as she scavenges through her charred house, and when Harry and Zahra figure out what things they can save (“Things We Lost in the Fire”) (Butler 160, 173). The song is somber and reflective of the horrible events that have occurred, much like Lauren’s journal. “Bleeding Out” by Imagine Dragons is representative of the journey Lauren, Harry, and Zahra endure as they move north in search of safety. Throughout the novel the group experiences hardship, pain, hunger, and love. They are willing to put themselves out on the line for each other as the song supports: “I’m bleeding out / So if the last thing that I do / Is bring you down / I’ll bleed out for you” (Imagine Dragons). The song is melancholy, but also fast paced which is indicative of the group’s movement through the terrain. They come across different factions where they experience bloodshed, death, and learn more about the horrors of the world. Yet they stick up for one another and join together to form a stronger unit. In once particular scene, the original trio comes up against wild dogs, which the song can relate to directly: “When the hour is nigh /And hopelessness is sinking in /And the wolves all cry / To fill the night with hollering” (Imagine Dragons). The incident with the dogs on the beach as Laruen describes, “are wild

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