My Creation Of A Soundtrack For Octavia E. Butler's Parable Of The Sower

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Soundtracks to films often strive to represent the themes and feeling of the film, and direct the audience towards particular emotions. A good soundtrack not only allows for the listener to understand the film better, but it should also bring to mind particular scenes, images, or characters. Soundtracks for books can do the same. In my creation of a soundtrack for Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower, I strove to encompass Lauren’s journey throughout the novel and the various emotions that she experiences. Since Lauren is reflecting on her experiences, her journey becomes central to how the audience feels and experiences the emotional aspects of the book. The songs not only represent Lauren, but also the entire feel and theme of the text. The songs follow along with Lauren, with her despair, death, and the need for survival. As I scoured through song after song, I tried to connect each song choice with a particular moment in Lauren’s story and the hopelessness of a dystopian future Butler warns her audience about. The first track is “Things We Lost in the Fire” by the band Bastille, and is one of the more literal song selections about the event that triggers the rest of the events in the story to occur: the death of her father, the pyros, the destruction of her community. The song is literally about things that burn up and leave, never to be seen again. Fire plays a key role in the fear aspect of the book; fire is synonymous with chaos. Not only does the song

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