My Creative Process Of Visual Merchandiser

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Visual Merchandisers have many employment options available in many different sectors. I believe that displays are all encompassing. It is the little details that culminate a theme or feel that makes customers want to shop at a particular store and have a certain type of experience. It is about making an environment inviting, whether that environment is a store, a party, a home, etc. I strongly believe that there is so much inspiration in the world that can be used to create compelling store displays that provoke consumers to shop and help maximize a store’s profit. This is an interesting field where not only artistic skills are necessary, but also the ability to merchandise the sales floor and make every visual aspect of a store…show more content…
I would like a job that is rewarding and where each day is somewhat different from the next, which is possible with visual merchandising, because retail is always changing visually to keep up with trends and seasons. In the short term, I hope to get a visual merchandising internship or a job where I can gain more experience and use my skills that I have learned, in the retail environment. My long term goal is to be able to work for an interior furnishing or décor company like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or Room and Board. I would like to do the set visuals for the catalog shoot. To achieve this I plan to work hard to make myself marketable and stand out in the industry. My next step to achieve my goal is to network with people within these companies, while still keeping my options open for other job prospects. After I graduate I hope to work within one of these companies as an assistant visual merchandiser and work my way up the ladder. By starting at the bottom you learn every job, the required tasks and the company’s structure. With this goal I intend to finish my degree, continue learning the craft and skills, networking and eventually working for one of these companies. Marketplace: Visual merchandising is all too often related only to jobs with retail stores, but in reality there are limitless job opportunities (Schwabe). While stores of all kinds do hire visual merchandisers, however, museums, catalog companies, interior design firms,
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