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When you are young, writing is basically a chore that you must do for school or torture. All the words, thoughts, ideas running around in their heads, never stopping even for a second, or nothing coming up and having to spend most of the time figuring what you are going to write. The deadline crushing them and stressing them out, hoping to finish in time. I was like that, the only time I would write was for school or if there was something that needed me to write. Even then I did not do the best I could do. That all changed in my second year in middle school.
I spent most of the time that summer and school year reading books and fan fiction. I ended up watching numerous anime that inspired me to write my own story. I first started with the question, what is the theme? When I got it, I just let my fingers do the writing. My story was about this female character who had a secret past that her son did not know, she wanted to keep him safe and so did not tell him, but his boss figures out what was familiar about his mother. He tells the son about her. The son is shocked and does not believe him till he was shown proof. The father who was dead and was kept secret to protect her son came out from the other side to help. The father was then brought back, but not without a price. They both decide to train their son to succeed and survive a battle that has been going since the beginning.
I had bought a spiral notebook, one that I dedicated to just that one story. I poured all my soul

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