My Criminology: Personal Statement

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At the moment I feel like I am a well rounded person that has strong foundations with a good mixed experience of employment, education and experience. My employment has mostly been working with members of the public in various places so I am good at talking to people and listening to/solving any problems that people may have. From my experience at the multiple different jobs that I have had, I’ve grown in confidence and ability when it comes to working as a part of a team. I feel that I am able to get along with all different types of people depending on the circumstances required and I’m also able to lead and devolve responsibility to others if the situation requires. I am a very technologically-able person as I have always enjoyed using computers…show more content…
Me and a group of people made a short film about the relation of young people and crime in our local area, showcasing why young people turn to crime and what can be done about it. This really peaked my interest and was one of the things that led to me choosing to study criminology. I am particularly interested in the correlation between crime and young people, because many young people become reoffenders and it is currently a very relevant issue (trying to get young people away from crime). I gained interviewing skills from this as we had to take information from members of the…show more content…
I’m also keen about Politics so was very glad when I saw that I could choose modules that were politics based. Gaining a deeper understanding of the subject is really interesting to me and I am sure it will help me get to where I want to be in the future. The way that the course is taught is really interesting, I particularly enjoyed the ‘Choose Life’ lecture that we had, it really gave me an insight into people’s personal encounters with drugs, and I learnt more about it through that that I ever could have done by just reading about it. It was really touching to hear their struggles and how it affected their families and friends. Previously to that lecture my opinion on drug and alcohol abuse were very different as I assumed they were just careless to the damage that they were causing to themselves but the ‘Choose Life’ lecture really opened my eyes to the troubles and struggles of drug and alcohol addiction. I’m hoping the course has more lectures like this because I feel I will gain a lot of useful knowledge from them and as a police officer these skills would be very helpful as Prospect (2014) states that ideal police officer skills are; “professionalism, honesty and trustworthiness, sound judgment and a proper respect for confidentiality, and the ability to act
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