My Cultural Analysis Of ' The League '

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For my cultural analysis essay I decided to base it off of a popular television series and one of my personal favorites called “The League”. The League was created by Jeff and Jackie Shaffer a couple who are both producers and television writers. The show is about a group of friends who come together every year for football season and they create a fantasy football league that includes all of them in it. All throughout football season, fantasy football is something that is taken very serious to them and the main goal of it is to try to win the leagues trophy and avoid the loser trophy. Winning the championship trophy allows you to have all the bragging rights within the whole league which something that is very important to them. …show more content…

This is a show for both genders ranging from the ages I would suggest 18 or older as some of the jokes used may be for an older audience. The show is based in the city of Chicago with a group of friends who all grew up together and went to the same schools. Each character is now in there late 20s through early 30 playing the role of early careers and new parenthood. Every character shares a different relationship with one another but they are all very close. The main characters of the show and the 6 friends in the fantasy football league together are Pete, Kevin, Rodney, Andre, Taco & Jenny. All throughout the show you get to know everyones personality, they all play different roles within the show but all piece together perfectly. Just like every show, The League has various messages; whether its on purpose or on accidental they’re there without a doubt. From modern stereotypes to sexism and more throughout the characters and situations, it has its wide share of problems. The NFL and American Football has always been known as a mans sports for years, a lot of women have a problem with that saying. With The League being all about football, some of those cultural values have been put all throughout show intentionally and unintentionally which isn’t fair to everyone. Through every character in the show there area

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