My Cultural Autobiography : My Culture

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My Cultural Autobiography

Several years ago I enrolled at California Lutheran University in the Marriage Family Therapy Master Program. It was during this journey as a new and older student that I was introduced to the words Cultural Bias and Cultural Proficiency. At the time I was not sure how I was to respond to questions such as what is your culture, what are your biases and how are you going to integrate those biases into the therapeutic setting? I now found myself questioning how is it that for all these years, no one ever told me that I because I was white, female, from middle- class America that I was not only entitled but privileged. If one does not see color differences, does that make them open-minded and accepting or does that mean they have color blindness? I never questioned my culture, my heritage or my underlying entitlement. When asked what my ethnicity is I always respond that I am Italian/French Catholic. To me “Italian” and “French” are words without meaning, as my ethnicity does not define who I am. At the age of eleven, my family moved from New York to California. Recently, I have begun to feel that I lost out knowing my family history and what it means to belong to a particular ethnic group. I missed being part of my family’s gatherings at holiday’s, marriages, births, and deaths. I lost connections and experiences that enrich one’s life; the foundation of whom you are and where you come from. Shared experiences between family members bind them…

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