My Cultural Experience

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Every December, my household is filled with excitement, from lighting the candles on the menorah and making potato latkes for Hanukkah, to hanging lights and decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments. Raised by parents who were brought up in both Jewish and Catholic faiths, embracing many cultural traditions and different religious beliefs has been the norm in my family. Being blessed with grandparents who share their Jewish and Italian customs, my siblings and I were the beneficiaries of many special traditions shared for generations in our families such as, my grandfather annually proclaiming the Christmas season by hanging a giant sign on the front of his house saying “Buon Natale” and playing the dreidel games on Hanukkah. The myriad of cultural experiences passed on from my family also extends throughout my life academically. In my high school over 52% of the students were from an ethnic background other than my own. Attending an incredibly heterogeneous high school led me to pursue meaningful relationships with students, teachers, and staff without regard to their race, religion, background, economic circumstances or sexual orientation. Learning, side-by-side, with such varied individuals shaped me as a person, expanded my horizons as a student and thinker, and shaped my globally focused and inclusive approach to the world. The experience also afforded me fresh and comprehensive points of view both inside and outside of school. From several of my friends who are
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