My Cultural Experience

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My childhood is one of the most meaningful things to me. My parents raised me to have a fun, experienced childhood. One cultural experience that I will never forget from my childhood is Christmas time. My favorite holiday is Christmas, so my parents have always made a big deal about it, but it has also been beneficial to them! When I was younger, every Christmas Eve we would bake cookies for Santa and then watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. But, before we watched the movie, my parents would make me clean out the fire place that way Santa did not get dirty when he came down the chimney, so that’s how their tradition was beneficial for them but so much fun to me. Looking back, I don’t know why I thought that part was fun. So, this cultural tradition is important to me, because it was something that my family could do together and celebrate the holiday. Even though I don’t believe in Santa anymore and my brother and I are both grown up, we still bake cookies on Christmas Eve and watch a Christmas movie. Another cultural experience I had during my childhood was our annual camping trip. The whole family, from grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even close family friends would attend the trip. I was looked forward to this trip because it meant that I would get to see family, make s’mores, roast hotdogs, and sleep outside in a tent. This tradition slowly died down in my family though because some relatives couldn’t make it, and so it just slowly dwindled down. This experience was important to me though, because it taught me how to live without TV and electronics for a weekend and really value my family time. Switching gears a little bit, the reading by Peggy McIntosh, titled, “White privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack” kind of relates to my background for the simple fact that I receive those privileges. I don’t necessarily think that they are fair, because since I am white they play a role into my life. Something that stood out to me in this reading was the idea of the band aid, something as simple and small as that affects people. Being white, I never thought about the color of my band aid matching my skin, in fact I always wanted the cooler, prettier ones. I can relate to almost all 26 of the
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