My Cultural Heritage Of Bendigo And The Postcode For This Region

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I reside in Bendigo and the postcode for this region is 3550. The traditional custodians of this land are the clans of the Djadjawurrung language group which are also known as Jaara people (Peter Martin, 2015, pg. 194) also known as the direct descendants of the First People of this country who have the agency in relation to the culture whilst protecting, preserving and managing it. The Jaara people comprised of 16 individual clans, each with their own slightly varied form of the tribal language of Djadjawurrung (Wurrung Council, G. B. C, 2010, pg. 11). The Djadjawurrung people show a relationship to country in terms of using natural resources of the residing land like plants, animals, including managing the resources and maintaining cultural practices (Elizabeth Willis, 2011, pg. 13.4).
I am from India, a multicultural and multi-religious nation. My cultural heritage is an Indian. So, I am a theist personality and pay homage to God everyday while reciting hymns in the early morning because of the influence of my cultivation. Indian civilization is further classified into multifarious religions like Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians (Sonalde Desai and Veena Kulkarni, 2008, pg. 246). Each religion has their own meaning and eccentric style of paying homage to God. Similarly, for Djadjawurrung people, the land is regarded as a God because of their spiritual connection with the land. They express their sacred connection with the land and entails responsibilities towards it
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