My Cultural Identity Essay

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Cultural Identity Essay
Krishal Sharma | Period: 2 | 9/15/17#1 Everyone has their own, one of a kind cultural identity and culture. Your culture could be anything like an interest in technology or what hobbies you like even food. My cultural identity would not exist if it wasn 't for what I value the most and what I love the most. In the world, nowadays people like a lot of things such as music. But what I like is completely different, There is one that influences my cultural identity and that is my electronic devices, I say this because, from the start, I didn 't know much about computers I only thought you just go on the internet and play games. But learning about what the internals are about changed my whole perspective. There
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For example, If Apple did something, like stoped making iPhones that would have a big effect on today 's world. Generation affects our cultural identity the most, starting from cultural rituals and following what your parents did. You are taught based on what your parents tell you, and your parents are taught on what their parents tell them. Then slowly it starts growing into our cultural identity over the multiple generations. As you probably know, there is a big age gap between your parents and your self. In the nowadays generation, the way we talk is considered to be rude to someone that is a lot older like In there 60 - 70. People from the older generation had specific ways a sentence was said. Another thing that shows a big generation gap is the music. Music has changed a lot from the 1900’s, now having these famous Rappers like 21 Savage, Nav, Lil Uzi Vert. If a person from an older generation listens to this type of music they will most likely go crazy, because of the laughing they use. Not just music but also technology, the way technology is used has changed a lot from the last century, for example, the New “iPhone X” and the new “MacBooks” that are coming out with high-tech face scanners. This makes the older generation more closed minded to different ideas and viewpoints. Your generation will continue learning
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