My Cultural Identity Essay

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All my life people have always questioned my ethnicity. My mom says it makes me mysterious and intriguing. She says, "You look like you could be born in any part of the world". Any time I 'm in a crowd the question always comes up, "what 's your ethnicity?", "are you mixed with anything?”. I look at them and smile thinking in my head of course you just asked that. I give a big sigh and say "I 'm white and Pakistani". Some look at me with great confusion and ask, "What is that?" I hit them with a huge eye roll and I have to explain where Pakistan is located in Asia. I really think some people did not take World Geography because they 're still so lost. They usually just blurt with "oh, so you 're middle eastern?" It boggles my mind that…show more content…
The foreign features of women have become more attractive to people in society. Many women have strived to look more than just tall blonde girl blue eyes. Society has just recently turned the tables making the foreign look more acceptable rather than opposing. Having the “look” that some strive for has given me more confidence and love in who I am. When I was younger I tried to hide myself and identity as much as I could. I was embarrassed and hated myself. I was extremely tan with dark long hair, a mustache and thick eyebrows; I was the absolute stereotype of a Pakistani young girl. Growing up next to all these beautiful blonde haired girls and boys was actually the worst part of my life. It is unimaginable to some but it was my reality. Kids are mean. They are evil. I had never been so ashamed of myself until I started elementary school. I had always thought it was so cool that both of my parents were born outside of the United States. Apparently it is not cool to grade school kids. Surprisingly, the children actually knew where Pakistan was and loved to call me a terrorist. They would tease about Islam and that because my dad was Muslim we were going to blow up school. My throat suddenly gets tight and my eyes filled with water glossing over like two big crystal pools and my back radiates with heat causing me to sweat changing my entire body to stop sign red. My anger had built

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