My Cultural Identity Examples

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I have something; something that cannot be seen or held; something that cannot be heard or smelled. Something that I can’t quite explain; something impossible to exchange. It lies within only me, it must be my cultural identity. Culture to me, is something that reflects not only me, but everyone around me. Culture isn’t where you came from, or where your family came from; it’s you, and every aspect of you. Culture is your likes, your dislikes, your values, your morals, your accomplishments, your opinions, etc. You can't sum it up in just a sentence, or even a thousand. Culture is complex, it is distinct, it is individual. My cultural identity reflects the person I am today and the person I intend to be tomorrow. My cultural identity reflects…show more content…
I’ve played numerous positions. The one position I have yet to explore, would be catcher. I’m not yet big enough, but I’m still hopeful. My favorite position to play or the one I’m the best at, I suppose, would be third-base. It’s a tough position to play, but nothing gets me going more that those lightning fast, ground balls rocketing towards me. Softball, to me, is something that has always been “there.” When I’m upset, it’s there; when I’m over the moon excited, it’s there; when I’m the “Monkey in the Middle” of all my many emotional episodes, it’s there. Softball is a confidence builder for me. It’s taught me good sportsmanship, responsibility, and that hard work it the ultimate key to success. I wouldn’t call myself a “star athlete” or anything, but I do really enjoy the sport and supporting my teammates and their successes. If you don’t give others high-fives, who will give you…show more content…
My cultural identity is best reflected by the people, the hobbies, and the values I cherish the most. I could go on and on about who I am, and what makes me who I am. In all honesty though, I haven’t quite figured it all out. I learn something new about myself everyday. I become more independant and confident everyday. I grow everyday. Your cultural identity cannot be heard or smelled, it cannot be seen or held. My cultural identity is a song, a home run, a high-five. My cultural identity is whatever I want it to be. My cultural identity is
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