My Cultural Identity : Hawaii Essay

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When I think about the culture I come from, I immediately think about my Japanese and Filipino lineage. I also think about Hawaii, and how growing up there has shaped me today. This are only parts of the equation to my cultural identity. No matter what nationality or country you grow up in, each person is exposed to different ideals that mix in with their background culture. I would like to look at my cultural identity by looking at some traditions in Hawaii, the organizations I’ve been a part of, and my own unique personal identity. Each of these has played a role in shaping my own cultural identity. Growing up in Hawaii was a unique experience for me that I doubt would. I’ve always seen Hawaii as the melting pot between American and Asian cultures. One of the most notable things about Hawaii culture is how laid back the people are. It common in the Hawaiian culture for people to take life a slower pace and not to stress out about life’s responsibilities. However, this laid back attitude also encourages the Hawaii people to develop a weak uncertainty avoidance. They love taking risks, and they have habits of making confrontations when it comes to solving problems. While it is not my nature to take unnecessary risks or fight with others, the laid back attitude of Hawaiian culture has helped me to take on a passive personality. This has its pros and cons, but I think it has helped me to stay calm when life takes stressful turns. Hawaii also gives a broader sense of the
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