My Cultural Identity : My Identity And Identity

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Embedded Assessment 1: My Cultural Identity “My culture is my identity and personality. It gives me spiritual, intellectual and emotional distinction from others and I am proud of it.” I’m am african-american teenage girl that, according to the people around me, is considered smart because growing up I was a gifted student, spoiled and stuck up because my family consists of white people. The people that live around me, such as friends, probably share similar cultures with me simply because we live in the same area. However, there are details in everyone’s lives that make them different in some way than others. The facets that make up my culture are my language, the foods I enjoy, the music I listen to, and the principles I abide by. To start, my language plays one of the biggest roles in the making up of my culture. I was born and raised in northwestern Louisiana, Shreveport. It’s actually surprising how much of a difference there is between there and southern Louisiana. I moved down here, to Carencro, when i was about eleven or twelve. I am fifteen, going on sixteen years old now. Still, the most asked question I get is, “Where are you from?” Or get told, “You talk funny/country.” My language makes me stand out the most out of all the aspects of my culture. If someone was to come around my friends and I or even were to sit in a classroom of mine, it would not be difficult to point out the one person that came from somewhere else. Second, the foods I am accustomed to are

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