My Cultural Identity

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What is my cultural identity? Personally, I don’t think I am completely assured on what my cultural identity is, but I can do my best on explaining it. However, I won’t get started on that yet, first I’ll explain the occasion of me learning about my identity. At almost the beginning of the year, it was announced in our English class that we would be doing an essay on our cultural identities. When my teacher announced this I thought to myself, “What in the world is a cultural identity, or even my cultural identity?” In these months, we have gotten to learn the definition of culture, and what it means to us, individually., I believe that culture means a group of people that share the same customs, way of life, and beliefs. Also, over these last couple of months we have been reading texts all about people knowing and understanding their cultural identities, meanwhile I still didn’t understand my own. All I know is that I was born on February 11, 2002, I like movies and music, and my mom is from Chile and my Dad is from Virginia. Now that didn’t feel like enough for me to write on, but then I started thinking about all of the cultural differences that my parents have had raising me as a person, and how those have all combined to make me. In my short 15 years of life, the culture clashes have sometimes affected me on my thoughts and opinions, which I’ll talk about later on. As well as how movies and music have affected my perspectives and opinions. Now there are a lot of aspects that make me as a person, but the one I want to develop on the most would be the fact that I have been raised by two almost completely different cultures, my dad being raised in a more conservative setting, while my mom was raised in a more carefree, but still careful setting, but they both lived in similar living conditions, not having a lot of money, but they found ways in their times to overcome those issues and cope with them. Which makes them similar on how they have raised me and my two siblings, but still quite different in other aspects. I found this part of me, with the combined cultures of my parents, to be very conflicting at times because when my dad would talk about different topics, my mother would just have a completely

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