My Cultural Mentor : My Mother

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My cultural mentor is my mother-in-law Jia Soksoda. I first met her on Memorial Day in 2007. She is a mother of nine children, five boys and four girls. On that day, I also met all but one of her children. She works in a local garden and helps to pick vegetables. I have always been interested in her story of how she came to American alone with three children. This assignment gave me to opportunity to learn more about her amazing life. When I first asked he if I could use her as my mentor she said no, my husband had to go talk to her multiple times before she was ok with me using her as my mentor. I started meeting with her on September 15, 2016. I met with her once a week in September then twice a week in October, most the time at her home but occasionally at my home. This assignment gave me a great opportunity to get a better understanding of my mother-in-law. Wealth and Money & Individualism vs. Collectivism My cultural mentor is Jia Soksoda, she was born in Vientiane Laos sometime in the fall of 1952. She believes she was born in November but the calendar when she was young is not like it is now.
“From its sleepy tuk-tuk drivers to its cafe society and affordable spas, this former French trading post is languid to say the least. Eminently walkable, the historic old quarter of Vientiane (ວຽງຈັນ) beguiles with glittering temples, lunging naga (dragon) statues, wandering Buddhist monks, and boulevards lined with frangipani and tamarind. Meanwhile, with most of its old
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