My Culture Has An Impact On My Socialisation Essay

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My Culture has an impact on my Socialisation

In order to know my ability in my culture, I need to understand what my cultural awareness is from a personal and professional perspective. Discussed below will explain how my upbringing or socialisation influenced the way I think or behaved, in relation to people that were different to me and how that impacted privilege disadvantage status, in regards to culture. Also, examine how socialisation reinforced a broader social impact and how privileges or disadvantages of socialisation apply to culture. Lastly, discuss why an understanding of socialisation and process of self-reflection is important for human service professionals and in the context of Aotearoa and Tangata Whenua.

How my upbringing or socialisation made me think and act?
I am of Tongan descent and am proud to express my Tongan culture in our New Zealand nation. I am a Pasifika New Zealander. I was raised up in a society where a majority of the people around me were not the same colour as me or the same culture as me. I was different from other people; from the way I was raised to the way I behaved in public or in school. Even though I was born and raised in Christchurch, my parents still raised me with our Tongan culture and traditions. People would say that my parents were strict, who would not allow me to go out with my friends or over have sleepovers. Which I respected because it was how they were raised up like and was not something my culture would
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