My Culture : My Assyrian Culture

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My culture is a very unique and old style culture that has lasted for almost three thousand years. It is the Assyrian culture in which it has stayed to the old ways till this day. What we do is very different from normal families like for instance. When we get married the mates for the man go to the fiance´s home and take all her pictures and things indicating that the man has her now. Another cultural practice we do is usually when the man comes to age that he goes to the army with no exception. Our culture usually loves war and we have born into that lifestyle which means i will be going to the army after high school. The women in our culture are usually to obey the men but it's usually the other way around. Our women are very strong and dominant. We always respect our women in our culture. Our food is amazing we always cook new different foods every single day. Our culture is very traditional and very conservative we stick to our old roots and not changing to any other culture. We Assyrians have to stick together so our culture doesn't die off. For us, we usually only marry other Assyrians which means our culture will not die off and will survive the many years to come. Our culture is the only one left from the middle east that is originally from there which means all others are invaders to our homeland. I am the original race of our people from our homeland so i will not mix with others spreading my perfect genetics. That´s what i think with my culture which is fairly
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