My Culture Partner And I Met Through Facebook

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My culture partner and I met through Facebook. A few people posted in our Class of 2019 Facebook page about this project, and how they needed a partner. I was looking through them and saw that a girl named Layla commented saying she was eligible to be interviewed. As soon as I saw that, I messaged her asking her about it. I was nervous at first because I didn 't know how she would react. Her reaction to being asked was excited. She told me she was interested in it and would love to help me out. We eventually picked a date and place, and ended up choosing outside the student center to meet. When I met her, she was super friendly and eager to answer all my questions.
My partner’s name is Layla and she is a freshman here at MSU. She’s 18, and has been officially living here for about 3 years. Layla is from Egypt, Alexandria to be exact. Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city and is located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a large seaport, economic, and industrial center of Egypt. It is also very popular with the tourists, which is something Layla mentioned. Layla considers her culture to be Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim. That makes her part of the majority, because 80% of Egypt is Muslim. Alexandria is located in a hot/dry clothing zone. Because of that, many of the daily activities in Alexandria take place outside. It is a very popular thing to sit outside while at a restaurant, or just to relax. Many activities in her culture involve outside
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