My Culture Research Paper

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My Culture is that my Grandpa was in the military for two years. He was a Military Policemen. He served in VietNam for one Year. He Was 19 when he went in and 21 when he got honorably dischanged. He Took basic training in Ft Lewis Washington,took military police training in Fort Gordan Georgia,and went to Fort Campbell Kentucky for more training before he went to Viet Nam. Got out in July,1969.He Had lots of friends. Everybody that he met usally goes their own way and Grandpa met Grandma and got a job and worked hard to raise a family. He misses a couple of his friends , and he kinda liked the training because it built muscles and learned respect. He didnt met John F Kennedy was assassinated before grandpa went to the army,so didnt meet him because…show more content…
Joseph Kennedy, Jr. vigorously opposed U.S. involvement in World War II while at Harvard Law School, but once Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese, he enlisted in the Naval Aviation Cadet Program, and was soon flying missions over Europe. he ordeal made JFK a war hero. He received the Purple Heart, as well as the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, and for the first time in his life, he began to outshine his brother Joe. After the incident of PT 109, however, the rest of JFK's war experience proved somewhat anticlimactic.The family was united in grief, and their sorrows only increased in September, with the news that Kathleen's husband had been killed in the war.As World War II, in which he had opposed U.S. involvement, wound to a victorious conclusion.Joseph Kennedy, Sr. had seen his eldest son die in a war that he himself had opposed, and he now channeled all of his energies and ambitions into a political career for his second-born
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