My Current Client Is A Miss Demetria Devonne ( Demi ) Lovato

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My current client is a miss Demetria Devonne (Demi) Lovato, age 18, date of birth August 20, 1992. Her current profession is singer/songwriter/actress for Disney Channel and tours throughout the year promoting her albums. Demi came to me after an impromptu intervention held by her mom and step father after an altercation with one of her backup dancers on tour (Russo 2012). After talking and assessing Demi it was evident she had self-medication and substance abuse problems, a severe eating disorder, bipolar type II disorder, and the scars of her wrists showed signs of self-mutilation. Demi was born in Dallas, Texas and comes from a seemingly large family and a decent support system. Her mother and biological father are divorced, which…show more content…
In order to diagnose Demi, I used a multitude of DSMs for each of the diseases that she showed signs of. To start off, however, I used the mental status exam during her first visit. I used the mental status exam during our first initial meeting and based upon it I have ruled out any disorder where she could possibly bring harm to others, but she does pose a certain risk to herself where I would like to put her on suicide watch while she is here. During the meeting her appearance was normal for someone who had just gotten off of a long plane ride, her speech and eye contact were normal, and she had a full affect. And, as expected, her mood seemed to be anxious, depressed, irritable, and possibly angry. Her cognition was normal; she had no orientation or memory impairment and had a normal attention. Perception was normal with no hallucinations, but one aspect of her thoughts gives me a reason to put her on suicide watch. Demi has no homicidality or delusions, but she does self-harm which could point to suicide if pushed far enough. She was however very cooperative with answering my questions, but at the same time was agitated at the fact she was in rehab. Her eating disorder had made itself obvious to me, but over the next few days I had noticed some serious mood shifts that could indicate some form of a mood disorder. After further research I came across the DSM for Bipolar
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