My Current Company For Three Years

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I have worked for my current company for three years. In that time, I have worked under two Directors with two very different leadership styles. My first Director was more of an autocratic leader “who tends to centralize authority and derive power from position, control of rewards, and coercion” (Daft, 2015). Conversely, my second and current Director is a democratic leader who “delegates authority to others, encourages participation, relies on subordinates’ knowledge for completion of tasks, and depends on subordinates respect for influence” (Daft, 2015). These two leadership styles are completely opposite, but leadership is needed in organizations. “Leadership is the heart and soul of an organization. Leadership is the ability to inspire…show more content…
The company prides itself on having an open door policy, but I never once felt like I could walk into her office and have a conversation. Since I could not talk to my Director I sought out other managers within the organization to mentor me and help fulfill the expectations that I had for a supervisor. The stressful environment that I worked in made it hard for me to grow professionally. I also had very little motivation to work hard for someone who never acknowledged any of my achievements. Her type of leadership made me work just hard enough to avoid receiving an email from her detailing what I had done incorrectly. Due to her lack of management, there was no trust between us because I did not respect her as a superior. I completed exactly what was required and nothing more because the motivation was not there for me to give that extra effort. She also routinely criticized subordinates in front of others causing “humiliation, offence and distress, and which may interfere with job performance and/or cause an unpleasant working environment” (Cooper, 2010). Due to her treatment of myself and my peers none of us were willing to go above and beyond what was asked of us. It was tough to know what was expected of us because we never had team meetings or one-on-one meetings to outline expectations or to review past performance. This public criticism was embarrassing for those who had to endure it and instilled fear in those who witnessed it. After working at the company
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